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Friday, January 8, 2010


We are wholesale club shoppers at The Other Boufs. It marries my great loves of shopping and hoarding into one exhilerating experience. In fact, if we moved everything from our pantry and garage into our basement, we'd likely be able to survive any emergency.

We have been wholesale club shoppers for about 5 years, but we had never had the opportunity to check out BJ's before. In comparison to our other club, I thought it was laid out a little more like an actual grocery store, especially by the food items. I loved that they accept manufacturer coupons.

In regards to items stocked, most items seemed to be the same as our other wholesale club, but with a few nice surprises. We were thrilled to see that they carried the brand of printer ink we needed (Brother). We also found Logitech webcams cheaper than anywhere else. Oh yes, that means I now have the ability to vlog. Brace yourselves. My husband squealed in excitement to find out they sell Nutella in supersize jars. But the best part is that they aren't "too" supersize. They are really perfectlysized. We were suprised to find a greeting card section. They even have their own travel agency and have been sending me daily reminders of the amazing deals they have available for cruises. Our only complaint in terms of products is that they don't appear to sell a store-brand, which we find to be a must-have for diapers and wipes. I also wish that we had a local BJ's just a little bit closer to our home.

BJ's has been adding new products to their shelves including some delectable General Mills products such as:

  • Nature Valley Nut Clusters - 100% Natural, bite-sized clusters with granola, nuts and a touch of honey - and a resealable package which makes it great for sharing
  • Progresso High-Fiber Soups - This 6-pack of soup is a great way to get your fiber with the great taste you know and love from Progresso
  • Green Giant Complete Skillet Meal - A convenient and great tasting solution for a quick and delicious dinner for the family
  • Pillsbury "Big Deluxe" Chocolate Chip Tub - Perfect for entertaining or as an everyday treat
We know that chocolate chip cookie tub intimately.

And so that you can run out for your very own Pillsbury cookie dough tub as soon as possible, General Mills and BJ's Wholesale Club will provide a $25 BJ's Giftcard to one reader.

To enter:

Required Entry
Visit the BJ's Wholesale Club homepage and then leave me a comment here telling me 1 of the following:

  • What items you would love to stock-up on at BJ´s?

  • Why you feel shopping at BJ´s will help you save on your next shopping trip?

  • How much you think you´ll save?

  • What was the most surprising item that you found at the club?

  • Optional Additional Entries

    1) Become of a follower of this review blog (1 entry)

    2) Leave a relevant comment on any post at my main blog
    The Other Boufs.
    (1 entry per comment left between 1/9/10 11:00 AM Est to 1/11/10 12:00 PM Est; 1 comment per post)

    3) Tweet the following:

    @JulieBouf RT I entered the $25 BJ's Giftcard Giveaway at The Other Boufs Reviews http://bit.ly/7XRnmd

    (1 entry per day until 1/11/10 12pm Est-please leave comment here with tweet info)

    *Disclosure: BJ´s Wholesale Club and General Mills provided me with a free trial membership, gift card, coupons and information through MyBlogSpark


    Terri January 9, 2010 at 9:18 AM  

    Julie! I LOVE BJ's. It is on my bi-weekly shopping list! We stock up on EVERYTHING and save tons. I think the biggest saving was during diaper and formula time! AMAZING!!

    debi9kids January 9, 2010 at 9:43 AM  

    Do I have to be a member of BJ's to win this? Because I haven't renewed my membership in 2 years (too expensive). I loved BJ's and used to shop there all the time though. I'd probably stock up on bottled water though, since our water here is disgusting.
    I agree with Terri... I saved the most money during diapers for 2 babies at the same time. UGH!
    I comment on your other blog all the time (does that count?LOL)

    Autumn January 9, 2010 at 2:53 PM  

    Ok I JUST woke up so please, please forgive me for making this simple and short (haha now if only I could make MOST things in life simple...idk about short...I'm already 5'4 I dont want to be any shorter! haha

    I'd totally stock up on cat food and dog food. I have one outdoor kitty and a small indoor doggy and I swear they have hollow legs or are feeding their food to the birds! How we go through it so fast I havent got a CLUE. Plus while there I'd probably stock up on coffee (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee) We dont have ANY close by warehouses we can shop at I'm stuck with some Mega Center Walmart thing as the biggest shopping place around, unless I want to drive an hour away (and for a gift card I'd totally do it!!) I'll be back later tonight to finish reading the blog properly but first I think I need a little more sleep.....apparently I can't stay up all night like I once did back when I was a teen without serious consequences!! GAH!


    Autumn January 9, 2010 at 2:54 PM  

    crap I totally twittered that too, and forgot to mention it.....grrrr ((yeah yeah one comment per day, you can delete this one but I DID tweet it haha))

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